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Anxiety: Counselling and Therapy

Anxiety, alongside depression is one of the most frequently mentioned mental health conditions, taking a wide variety of forms. The NHS UK website includes fear and panic when talking about anxiety. Anxiety can have multiple causes, especially in todays busy lives where excessive stress can play a role. Many of us will have experienced, knowingly or unknowingly, a panic attack as described there. A level of fear or worry is considered normal until it begins to affect quality of life and being able to cope with day to day life. As regards coping strategies, you'll find further resources at the above link.

Anxiety, be it social anxiety, panic attacks, or general fears are very much part of what we cover in counselling. I consider anxiety to be one of the various faces of fear and often when we look at this condition, we often find underlying fears. If you think you would like an opportunity to talk about these subjects in a non-judgemental space please use my contact form or call 07952 203 766

Here's a link to a video I made regarding anxiety

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