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Abuse: Counselling and Therapy

Abuse is a general term, covering domestic violence and abuse,self abuse (e.g. self-harm), sexual, psychological and financial abuse amongst others. Whilst this will fall under the remit of local authorities and safeguarding services, it is widely acknowledged that abuse leaves a psychological and emotional mark on the victims, which is where talking therapies come in when the victim is ready to talk about their experiences. It might also be that whilst having counselling for another reason, the client realises that they have suffered abuse without truly noticing it or perhaps having forgotten about incidents long ago.

Much has been said and written about PTSD and now complex PTSD and in some cases this may have its origin in previous abuse.

If abuse is what is bringing you to counselling today then know that you can expect a safe confidential space to explore. If you think you would like an opportunity to talk in a non-judgemental space please do get in contact via my contact form or call 07952 203 766

Here's a link to a video I made regarding abuse

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