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Clement West MBACP

Counselling and therapy for addiction

Addiction can take various forms, be it to drugs, sex, pornography amongst others. With clients, I sometimes find that the difference between a habit and addiction can be in the eye of the beholder, with some perhaps quick to label others as addicts. It is an unwanted label which I think puts a burden on the wearer. Addiction though is defined as when a person is unable to 'stop using a substance or behaviour' (according to current medical consensus). Perhaps then, it is only the supposed addict who can be judge of that. In the Person-Centred Approach, I emphasize that it is the client who is expert in themselves, and that I am there to assist the client in their self-exploration. Regardless, if addiction or habit is what is bringing you to counselling today then know that you can expect a safe confidential space to explore. If you think you would like an opportunity to talk in a non-judgemental space please do get in contact via my contact form or call 07952 203 766

Here's a link to a video I made regarding addiction

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